Handicap-Accessible Remodeling Service in Belleville and Huntingdon, PA & Surrounding Areas

Handicap-Accessible Bathroom Remodel, Wheelchair Ramp Installation, Wheelchair Accessible Door Widening

We Can Help Make Your Space More Accessible

If your Belleville or Huntingdon, PA home does not accommodate your special needs, consider making a few changes so that your home is more comfortable. You deserve to have the freedom of movement in your home, so contact Rich’s Remodeling for handicap-accessible remodeling. We take on handicap-accessible bathroom remodels and can adjust any space to accommodate your needs.

Get in touch with Rich’s Remodeling today to learn more about how we can give you a handicap-accessible space.

How can you adjust your living spaces?

Narrow doorways and stairs are some of the most common challenges for those with mobility issues. Rich’s Remodeling can make a variety of adjustments to your space, including:

  • Wheelchair ramp installations
  • Wheelchair-accessible door widening
  • ADA shower installations
  • Handrail installations
No matter what your home needs to be more accessible, our crew can do it. Call 717-483-0080 right now to schedule your handicap-accessible remodeling project in Belleville or Huntingdon, PA.